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The Benefits of a Workout Buddy

If you have ever exercised with a friend, you do not need scientific research to tell you that working out with others is extremely motivating. Training with someone you are close to is the next best thing to having a Personal Trainer, as it provides accountability, helps to keep you focused on your goals and makes the sessions a lot more enjoyable!
Let’s look at the numerous advantages to having a workout buddy:

Accountability – For some reason, people will let themselves down before they will let someone else down. Having a friend who provides accountability limits your excuses for why not workout, especially when your buddy is counting on you to meet them – No one wants to look like the slacker!

Motivation – People work harder when they exercise with someone else rather than alone and with that come results…faster! Results create increased motivation, which in turn encourages harder workouts and therefore more results – it is a positive cycle. Oh and lets be honest, a bit of encouragement from our buddy is crucial on those “off-days”.

Social Time – Working out with a friend who has common fitness goals, but also common interests outside of the gym makes the sessions fun. You can share some quality time with someone close to you and bond over the challenges of a hard workout.

More adventurous – Having a workout buddy can make a daunting training session look not so menacing. Often the reason people shy away from a harder session is because they are intimidated by the unknown and think they could not cope with the task. With a workout buddy you can face the unknown and experience new challenges together, all the while encouraging each other. Keep in mind though that introducing new exercises and challenges can keep training fresh and fun.

Recruiting a workout buddy such as your partner, a friend or work colleague could be just what you need inspire and motivate you to reach your fitness or weight goals. At Pro-Fit Health Club I have noticed that the people who have a buddy are more likely to stick with their program, come to the club more often and get a lot more out of their workouts than those who exercise alone. Maybe it is time that you found a workout buddy…


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