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Jumping Rope: An Oldie but A Goodie

As a kid I could spend hours jumping rope with my friends, never realizing that I was getting an amazing workout from something so simple, I just found it so entertaining. Jumping rope can be done almost anywhere, even inside if you have a clear space and a high enough ceiling. There are plenty of different routines you can do when jumping rope, keeping you entertained and it giving you a really good workout at the same time.

Getting started is easy, skipping ropes are cheap at $10 to $15 each, and once you have the rope all you need to find a space and start jumping. Building stamina and co-ordination will take a bit of time, but stick with it and try different jumping styles – two feet jumps, one foot jumps, running, double jumps. Jump ropes are convenient because they are light weight and portable; you can pack one when travelling for business or even keep one in your back pack for when you go to the gym, so you have never got an excuse for why you can’t exercise!

Rope jumping has plenty of physical benefits; this is why many athletes will jump rope to build up strength and stamina to improve performance. Here are some of the ways jumping rope will benefit you:

  • 1 hour of jumping rope can burn up to 1000 calories; therefore it is a super efficient workout.
  • It will get your heart rate up, on par with running (without the high impact).
  • Tones your calves, deltoids, arms and abs.
  • Cardiovascular conditioning and endurance.
  • Grow body awareness and agility.
  • Develop coordination, including hand and foot coordination and timing.
  • Improves balance, posture and reflexes.

Finding the right length rope for you is pretty simple. Stand in the middle of the rope and bring the handles up towards your chest. If the handles reach your chest height then you have the perfect rope for you.

If you stick with it, jumping rope will make a huge difference to your muscle tone, cardiovascular fitness and help improve your performance in any other sports or activities you are involved in. It is easy to learn and a lot of fun. Give it go – You never know you might really enjoy it!


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