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Keeping Fit is all about Time Management

When life gets out of control, exercise and healthy living seems to be the first thing to be dropped from the daily schedule; however it does not have to be this way, practising time management is key to keeping a consistent fitness routine. If you are struggling to achieve the level of health and fitness that you have been wanting, it might be time to ask yourself, ‘Am I doing enough?’ or are you working overtime and missing out on the healthy lifestyle you desire? By introducing a few time management skills into each day, you will get more value out of your time and improve your quality of life (including your health).

Firstly, you need to Get enough sleep!

You are less efficient when you do not receive the sleep you need, which means you will have less energy and therefore will not be effective with your time. To get into a good sleep routine, start going to bed at around the same every night and getting up at the same time every morning. Also avoid sleeping in on the weekends as this disrupts your sleep pattern when you get back into the weekly routine on Monday.

Make a list

Write down a list of things you need to do and create a daily plan, as this is crucial for organisation and clarity around what you want to achieve each day (including exercise). Once you have a few things written down, prioritise each item, that way you will focus on the most important tasks for the day. Remember quality, not quantity – it is better to get 2 or 3 things done well rather than cramming lots of little unimportant tasks into your day.

Make time for exercise

The whole point of organising your day is so that you can get important tasks done without sacrificing your lifestyle, including your exercise, so schedule you workouts in! If possible, try to workout in the mornings, not only does it give you a fresh start but it also gets your exercise out of the way just in case unplanned events get in the way. If mornings do not work for you then try and integrate exercise into your lunch break. You are entitled to a lunch break so why not take it and avoid eating lunch in front of the computer? But ultimately the best time to exercise is when it works for you.

Stop procrastinating!

It can be easy to go grab a couple of coffees during the day or chat with the person next to you, but when you add them all up, these little interruptions can impinge on precious time for more enjoyable parts of life. Be careful not to have too many breaks, but use your lunch hour as your main break. Also beware of ‘filler’ tasks like re-organising your desk or filing papers, stick to the most important jobs on your daily plan and get to the menial tasks when you have some spare time.

Lastly, Plan your meals

I have said it before and I will say it again, your nutrition will make more of an impact on your health and fitness results than all the training will. While it can seem so easy to grab lunch at work, have you ever considered that spending money on lunches each day will often cost you more than a yearly gym membership? Organise your lunch and snacks in the morning while preparing the kids lunchboxes, or do it the night before, not only will you save money, but it is more than likely you will consume a much healthier meal as well.

Developing and implementing time management skills makes for a well organised day and offers you extra time for the more important and enjoyable aspects of life, including family, friends, hobbies and exercise.


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