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Wellness Coaching :: A Commitment to Change

Wellness Coaches, along with Life Coaches and Executive Coaches are commonly utilized these days within the professional arena; the term itself is used to describe a professional who can help one achieve a vision for lifestyle change. With a 24/7 culture and unlimited resources to the general public, there is a worldwide expectation to perform to the highest standard in everything aspect of life; the pressure is enormous. As people struggle to meet the demands placed on them by others and themselves, it can and often does cause a sense of hopelessness and has led to an increase in depression rates within adults and children alike. In my industry I am seeing that people cannot fulfil all expectations and unfortunately health, fitness and family relationships is now taking a backseat to workplace performance. Information regarding how to get fit, stay healthy and perform at work is not lacking, though with hundreds and thousands of articles out there one can wonder what the best plan of action is. Wellness Coaching can help one to develop a vision and plan of action to suit their needs and lifestyle.

Wellness coaching aims to help develop physical, mental and emotional resiliency in a range of life issues. The role of a wellness coach is to encourage integration of new patterns of behaviour in order to achieve a desired lifestyle change. Coaching focuses on an individual’s mental and physical behaviours relating the nutrition, exercise, weight control and stress management, but can be used in broader life issues. Wellness coaching also aims to help identify individual issues, beliefs and concerns that may hinder or support lifestyle changes. Wellness coaching utilizes visioning, goal setting, identification of obstacles or barriers and other evidence-based coaching techniques to enhance wellness and lasting lifestyle transformation. The ultimate objective of wellness coaching is to create lasting behaviour change resulting in better health and a positive mental and emotional state.

Wellness coaches differ from traditional councillors and mentors who direct information at patients and the goal of the client is to achieve the prescribed goals or actions. A wellness coach’s role is not to teach, advise or council a client but instead encourage a client to delve into what is troubling them and figure out what they want to do to foster change, the coach provides support and accountability throughout this process.

Wellness coaching is conducted through face-to-face and phone meetings, which are separate to a personal training or nutrition session. The initial coaching session is about 60 minutes long and is followed up by a 30 minute phone chat to review how achievement of your vision is going. Wellness coaching packages are also available. If you would like more information regarding Wellness Coaching please contact Pro-Fit Health Club on 02 6230 7893 or


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