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HEALTH ASSESSMENTSwork health checks

A great way to kick-off any Health Promotion Program is with Personal Health Assessments. Ranging from simple ‘Healthy Heart Checks’ to our pathology based ‘Premium Level Health Assessment’, our assessments can be offered to staff at the workplace either alone or part of an overall health expo/week. Our Health Assessments can also include 1:1 Goal Setting Consultations that will leave your staff with a personalised action plan towards a healthier lifestyle.



After analysing the results and reporting theaverages to Senior Management, a tailored intervention program will be devised specifically for your organisation. Our Risk Rating Report will highlight your organisation’s ‘3 Red Flags’ or key focus areas for progress. The most common intervention programs are;

  • On-Site Fitness Classes
  • Weight Loss Programs
  • Work Life Balance Workshops
  • Stress Management Programs
  • Sleep & Fatigue Management Programs


Pro-Fit Corporate Health’s ultimate goal is to create awareness that leads to healthy changes. An ongoing program that provides the opportunity to build lasting habits, rather than one-off quick fixes, is a proven way to achieve this change. Pro-Fit Corporate Health’s expert research and medical board conitnually provide the most dynamic, up to date research in the area of health and performance.


Technology has caused a massive change to the way we now work, learn and communicate. Pro-Fit Corporate Health has developed various mulitmedia tools such as online health checks, email support, electronic fact sheets and audio programs that can be downloaded onto your employees iPhones, iPads, etc. This means that our information will reach even the most discerning and ‘change reluctant’ members of your staff.


"Providing healthy initiatives for forward thinking companies"