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Ergonomics & Manual Handling

Our Ergonomic and OH & S programs are a fantastic way of creating staff awareness of ergonomic and manual handling issues. A quick evaluation or a more detailed report can be used to determine if your workstations are set-up correctly. We also provide group education workshops that are a cost effective and engaging way of presenting workstation safety information within a group setting.


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Ergonomics Workshop Example:

> Basic Anatomy

> Skeletal & Muscular Structure of neck & back

> Postural problems & Seated Posture

> Individual Workstation Set-up :

> Computer Screen, Desk & Chair Set-up

> Keyboard, mouse & document Set-up (desktop layout)

> Glare & Reflection

> Others: telephone operations, laptop users etc.

> Seated Manual Handling

> What loads are safe to lift from seated positions

> Setting up personal workstations for safe manual handling

> Postural Corrective and Conditioning Exercises (practical demonstration)


Manual Handling Workshop:

> Basic Anatomy

> Spinal Mechanics

> Safe Lifting Limits

> How to Lift Correctly from seated and standing positions

> Postural Corrective and Conditioning Exercises (practical demonstration)


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