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Programs & Courses

Looking to provide your staff with training seminars and programs that result in tangible lifestyle changes? Want to show your staff how to live a remarkable life, where they are fully engaged at both work and home?

Our experience has shown us that having a successful work/life balance normally results from learning and applying ‘Energy Management’ fundamentals rather than ‘Time Management’ rhetoric!

Individual Seminar Topics:

Motivation for Healthier Lifestyles, Stress Management & Physiology, Sleep and Fatigue Management, The Energy Explosion, Understanding Burnout, The Difference between Fat Loss and Weight Loss, Healthy Eating Forever, Positive Psychology, The Key to Lasting Change, Improving Self Image, Stress Management, Productivity Plus – Lessons from 50 CEO’s, Goal Setting Workshop, Men’s and Women’s Health, Back Care, Foot Care.

Peak Performance Seminar Programs:

Energy for Resilience Program – The Energy for Resilience modular course is Pro-Fit Corporate Health’s Executive course designed for energising executives and key business stake holders towards peak performance.

Stress Management ProgramiStock_000000361440Medium

  1. Stress Management and Physiology
  2. Physical Health; Exercise, Sleep, Nutrition.
  3. Understanding Burnout and Adrenal Fatigue
  4. Creating a ‘Positive Psychology’

4 x 60 minute seminars

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Sleep & Fatigue Management Program

  1. Sleep, Stress and Recovery
  2. Managing Fatigue and Circadian Rhythmsstress_lg
  3. Mood Foods: Healthy Eating for High Performance
  4. The Importance of Movement, Health and Exercise
  5. Practical Workshop:  Progressive Muscle Relaxation and Visualisation

5 x 45 minute seminars

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Similar to above ‘Sleep and Fatigue’ program, although specifically tailored to suit the various concerns and needs of shift workers.


Become Your Own Trainer

  1. Motivation for Healthier Lifestyles
  2. Exercise Prescription – what exercise plan suits your goals
  3. Healthy Eating Forever
  4. Physical Workshop – Demonstration of exercises, scheduled programs, accountability sheets.

4 x 60 minute seminars

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